Janisson Rosé Champagne 75cl.

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Composition: Aged for at least 36 months
Blend:70% Pinot Noir and 30% Chardonnay
Dosage: 8gr/l
Villages : Chigny-les-Roses, Mailly, Verzy, Verzenay,Villers-Marmery.
Tasting: Visually: the wine is clear and briliant. 
Nose: the initial bouquet reveals wild strawberries, followedby
wildberries, tart, vanillaandthen, atadeeperlevel, spices such as cinnamon and thyme
Mouth: a distinct immediate mouthfeel directly followed by a
creamy sensation which overwhelms the palate. Gentles weetness like light cream with slightly tangy fruit aromas gives it a certain subtlety.
The finish is explosive – litchis and redcurrants with a strawberry after taste.

A sublime, multi-facetted Rosé, adapting perfectly as an aperitif ot to accompany food.Champagne Janisson is a Champagne house with a difference.

The creator Manu Janisson IS Champagne Janisson and champagne is his passion. In his business, there is no board of directors or no expensive PR agency. Manu is rooted in champagne. He lives and breathes the area, the region and the product.

He is located in the Grand Cru Village of Verzenay, which has one of the most prestigious terroirs of the Champagne region. Manu is from a long line of wine-makers and growers, he is resolutely passionate about developing and enriching the family tradition. After many years of making champagnes under other labels, selling grapes to various big name houses, and producing champagnes for other people, Manu decided it was time to launch his eponymous brand. But this was not an overnight decision, it had been planned since the early 00’s and he had been working on his wines, his house and his brand for almost 15 years before the launch in 2014.

Manu is forward thinking and very modern in his approach and outlook. He appreciates the ‘heritage’ of champagne but feels firmly that a contemporary approach and style is just as relevant and arguably more important. In 2014, with the help of architect Giovanni Pace, he based his new Champagne House in a sleek, modern cellar formed of concrete rather than dug from the local chalk like other houses.

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