Lanson Green Label, Organic Brut NV serves as the ideal choice for the modern, eco-aware consumer and is an exciting addition to the range of champagnes.

As society becomes more conscious of the environmental impact of each and every purchase, many are committing to more eco-friendly choices. This shift is reflected across Europe’s wine industry, with rapidly increasing numbers of wineries and vineyards moving towards more sustainable and respectful methods of farming, keen to produce a healthier and more environmentally friendly offering. Organic champagne is now becoming an important part of this revolution.

Organic Champagne: a consumer led trend

The development of Lanson Green Label represents a firm commitment to a more sustainable approach from one of the world’s top producers. founder Jasvir Kaur explains, “It’s encouraging to see the industry is finally taking notice of our customers’ requirement for more ethical varieties. At we are seeing an appetite for products which have both reduced impact on the environment and, perhaps even more importantly, personal wellbeing. With the release of its latest organic brut, Lanson is quickly becoming known as one of the pioneers in this emerging field.”

Lanson Green Label, Brut NV is made from only organic grapes, grown exclusively in biodynamically managed vineyards in the Marne Valley region of France. With entirely recyclable packaging and labelling, this new variety is confidently aligned to its eco-promise. | Lanson Green Label Organic Brut NV 75cl | Organic Champagne Online Delivery Service


Lanson Green Label: Organic Champagne with Biodynamic Production

The basic principle of organic farming is to grow the best quality produce without the use of synthetic chemicals or harmful pesticides. Green Label’s vineyards have been accredited by some of the strictest organic labels in Europe, with the French Agriculture Biologique status and Biosuisse in Switzerland; whilst the plot itself has held the esteemed ECOCERT certification for almost a decade.

Taking natural production one step further, Lanson´s vineyards are also managed biodynamically and have Demeter certification. This method of champagne production involves the application of nature’s rhythms and astronomical cycles to crop cultivation, maintaining harmonious equilibrium between soil, plant and animal life, `and leading to a more natural and considerate harvest.

Lanson’s vineyard manager, Jermone Courgey, describes the simple steps he takes to maintain excellent soil, an essential element of organic and biodynamic viticulture:


  • Tenderness: No Ploughing of the soil or use of heavy machinery prevents compaction
  • Protection: The soil is covered all year round
  • Respect: A respect for biodiversity by encouraging complementary plants to grow together, facilitates nutrient sharing and often natural pest control
  •  Peace: Leaving whatever else the soil produces in its place

Once a year only, the vines are then sprayed with copper and sulphur to enhance regeneration.

This process respects the soil’s ability to regenerate through the power of its own ecosystem, a process that is often ignored in the quest to produce more of everything, quicker; as seen in modern production techniques. | Lanson Green Label Organic Brut NV 75cl | Organic Champagne Online Delivery Service

Lanson Green Label NV: Tasting Notes

A rich, elegant bubbly expresses a dynamic and enticing balance between exotic fruity and aromatic spicy tones on the palate. Due to the main organic base wine, Pinot Noir, not being put through the usual malolactic fermentation process, the freshness of the grape is preserved and left to mature for over 3 years in the Lanson cellars. What results, is an organic champagne with a pure minerality and fresh delighting tones to enjoy with the added knowledge that each sip is clean and environmentally friendly.

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